Mike Paulus, MS

Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordinator

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Mike is the Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordinator for the Brazos County Health Department. He concurrently serves as a deputy sheriff commissioned by the Brazos County Sheriff's Office and as a paramedic for St. Joseph Emergency Medical Services. He is a professional law enforcement and EMS trainer/instructor who was employed by the Texas A&M University System (TEEX Law Enforcement and Security Training Division) and as a private consultant prior to accepting the EPR coordinator position with Brazos County. He has trained counter-terrorism operatives from Poland, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and numerous federal, state and local agencies within the United States. He holds a bachelor of science in biomedical science from Texas A&M University and a master of science in criminology (criminal justice) from the University of Cincinnati.

His current duties include creating plans for the mitigation of a bioterrorism event in Brazos county. In addition, through grant funding, he is responsible for improving the local infrastructure to be able to better respond to an incident of biological terrorism.


201 North Texas Avenue
Bryan, Texas 77803