Emergency Plan
Our division creates workable plans for any event that would involve a health reponse. According to Annex H of the county emergency plan, the health department is responsible for the coordination of all medical activities and the maintenance of the public's health. Our plans include a bioterrorism plan, Strategic National Stockpile receiving and distribution plan, Smallpox event plan, pandemic flu plan and an all-hazards plan.


Disease Surveillance
Our epidemiologist pays close attention to the disease situation in Brazos County in order to catch any anomalous events.



Syndromic Surveillance
ESSENCE IV - We were the first county in Texas to have this system up and running. Designed for the Department of Defense, this system uses chief complaint information from emergency rooms and urgent care facilities to catch possible disease outbreaks in their earliest forms. We also use RODS and hope to have our data feed into the CDC BioSense system in the near future.

School Absentee Data - We collect daily absentee data from elementary schools in Bryan and College Station.






Biological Emergency Response



Mass Casualty Event



Hurricane or Other Natural Disaster



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