Water Testing

Drinking Water Test Rule

All drinking water test samples, in order to be TNI (The Nelac Institute) compliant, must be delivered to the lab on ice or ice packs.

For more information call Brazos County Health Department at 979-361-5738.





Testing Drinking Water (Bacteriological Analysis)

Samples are accepted only on Monday - Thursday before 3:00 P.M.

Samples must be taken in approved testing bottles (no sterilized mason jars or alcohol bottles) which are available at the Health Department.

Test results are available the next day, after 3:30 P.M. Results are mailed the day after the results are read.

There is a charge of $20.00/sample.

No surface water will be tested (no streams or ponds).

Water form (public and private samples)

2016 Water Lab Closure Dates

2017 Water Lab Closure Dates

Private Water Testing (samples submitted by private individuals):


ALERT: Required Chlorine Testing

To our valued customers:

To be TNI (The NELAC Institute) compliant as of 2009, all water samples must have a chlorine residual test performed and recorded on the sample form. All public samples including Distribution, Raw, Special, and Construction must have had a chlorine test performed and recorded prior to turning in their sample for testing.   The result of the chlorine test can be zero but it must be recorded on the test form. Any public sample that does not meet the requirement cannot be accepted by the lab for testing. Private samples that do not show a chlorine test having been performed can be tested but the sample result will show on the test form that the sample is unsatisfactory to TNI because no chlorine test was done.

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