Fight Flu Before It Peaks

Fight Flu Before It Peaks

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Flu season is nearing it's peak, meaning it's more important than ever to get your flu shot. There are many reasons to get your flu shot. 

1: It protects against multiple strains of the flu. The flu comes in many different versions. Getting your flu shot will help you avoid multiple infections.  

2: It shortens sick time. If by the off chance you do end up getting infected with the flu, your body will be better able to overcome the infection if you get your flu shot. This is because your body is already familiar with the virus and know how to fight it off. This can prevent serious side effects like dehydration, overheating, and death.

3: It increases herd immunity. When enough people are vaccinated against the flu, the germs can’t travel as easily from person to person, and the entire community is less likely to get the disease. Herd immunity especially protects those who can't get vaccinated like newborn babies and people with immune disorders. The community's immunity acts like a barrier of defense for these individuals, keeping them from getting the flu.


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