Meet the Mosquito Squad

Meet the Mosquito Squad

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Mosquito Squad is a special team of superheroes. Combining their unique skills, they keep citizens safe from mosquito bites. You can help the squad by doing the exact same things they do!

Dunk Devil is a kid on a mission. Whenever he sees standing water that cannot be drained, he drops his favorite item on his tool belt: A mosquito dunk. These dunks kill the larvae in the water, so they never have the chance to grow up and bite us!

The Eliminator protects citizens from mosquitoes by eliminating places for the bugs to breed. Whenever he sees standing water in things like outside toys, old tires,  and flower pots, he's faster than a lightening bolt to dump out the water so mosquitoes can't breed.

Captain Proactive prevents mosquito bites by keeping citizens away from the bugs. She checks for holes and openings on window screens, helps neighbors keep their lawns trimmed, and teaches to plan your day to avoid going outside when mosquitoes are most active. 

The Green Guardian's life mission is to arm citizens with one of the best weapons against mosquitoes: Bug spray. She also teaches citizens how to cultivate plants like citronella and lavender in their own backyards to keep bugs away.

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